Chōri(調理/조리) Performance and Exhibition

‘Chōri(調理/조리)’ means cooking in both Korea and Japanese. It isn’t about cooking
where one chef dominates the whole kitchen, it’s about collaboration exploring how we
can see possibilities with ingredients we don’t even fully know. In this collective project
we explore how our body harmonizes as a part of food with our own flavors and opens
the possibility of transcending our current situation, such as neoliberalism, globalization
or colonial histories.

Chōri(調理/조리) Dance Collective

Chōri Dance(調理/조리) collective is a Berlin-based performance collective consisting of Korean and Japanese artists,attempting to engage in a non-verbal physical dialogue through dance/dining with multiple species in order to collectively examine and discuss postcolonial situations in East Asia. It’s current members David Jongsung Myung, Shuntaro Yoshida, Maharu Maeno, Yuni Hoa Yun Chung.